The Datça peninsula is located on the southeast of Muğla city, and between the Gokova gulf and Hisaronu gulf. Datça is famous for its heavenly nature, blue sea, clean air, and local tastes.

Datça is perfect for sight-seeing, hiking, trekking, windsurfing, diving, sailing, fishing, and photo shooting. Bays and villages are like paradise. The ancient city of Cnidus where Aphrodite used to swim links the Mediterranean Sea to the Aegean Sea. The Old Datça district dates back to the Early Hellenistic Age with its stone houses surrounded by flowers.

Our citizens are usually noted for their hospitality. Hotels, restaurants, and pubs are aimed at making the guest at home. Almonds, honey, sage, figs, thyme, olives and olive oil are among Datça’s well-known local tastes adding flavour and health to your vacation.

In Datça, streets are named after such renowned poets as Bertolt Brecht, Can Yücel, Federico García Lorca, Louis Aragon, Nâzım Hikmet, Pablo Neruda, Vladimir Mayakovski, William Shakespeare and Yannis Ritsos, building a bridge of art between continents.

Welcome to our sunny little town.

1) Datça 1968, Kumluk Beach, and the center ("F" represents today's Fora)

2) 1981, When FORA was a Pension

3) Datça 1968, The Marina

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